Captain John Hollingshead says
"Charter Miss Hollie
Let's Go Fishing!"
Call 850-607-7593 or 850-777-0232
P.O. Box 2501, Pensacola, FL 32513 E-Mail:
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Types of Fishing

The charter boat Miss Hollie will take you bottom fishing (find a spot, drop a line, catch a fish!) and/or trolling (using artificial lures to fish while the boat is moving).

The fish you'll catch while bottom fishing will most likely be:
Red Snapper Grouper
White Snapper Trigger Fish
Black Snapper Amberjack
Mingo Snapper  

The fish you'll catch while trolling will most likely be:
King Mackeral Wahoo
Spanish Mackeral *Dolphin
* Dolphin are fish--NOT "Flipper"!