Captain John Hollingshead says
"Charter Miss Hollie
Let's Go Fishing!"
Call 850-607-7593 or 850-777-0232
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Trip Tips

Be Cool!

Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothing.
Wear a cap or hat

Be Safe!

Listen to the Captain and crew--following their instructions will ensure a safe trip.
Wear rubber-soled shoes (deck shoes or sneakers are best)--but PLEASE--NO BLACK-SOLED SHOES.
Wear sunglasses--be kind to your eyes.
Wear sunscreen (SPF30 is recommended) even if you normally don't burn easily. Remember, the sun reflects off the water and the deck of the boat--the combination equals QUICK SUNBURN.

Be Smart!

Avoid rich, heavy foods and excessive alcohol consumption both the night before and the morning of the trip.
Bring plenty of drinks to avoid dehydration.
Prone to motion sickness? Take precautions to avoid seasickness. Over-the-counter medications such as Dramamine work best if taken the night before the trip.